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Great News! FirstGrabber has successfully joined hands with Zaful, one of the world’s famous brands for women’s fashion. The the latter will sponsor an amazing $100,000 cash to reward to all affiliates, together celebrating Zaful 4th Anniversary worldwide. Time to enjoy the Carnival!

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Especially For Bloggers & Reviewers

As long as you have your own personal blog or social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any groups where you can post links and share our products, you can apply for FREE products in our system, which will go live in July. Please stay tuned!

Honorable TOP 3 Winners

Winner ID: 10103503 |  Bonus: $250

Winner ID: 10089602 |  Bonus: $500

Winner ID: 10113002 |  Bonus: $250

— June Sales Ranking Table —

Winner Associalte ID Sales Bonus
no**@mu**** 10089602 $49,940.70 $500
mo**@ou*** 10103503 $13,951.14 $250
fr**@g*** 10113002 $13,438.94 $250
mi**@g*** 10112012 $13,344.63 $200
su**@to***.org 10096679 $13,177.24 $100
co**@co***.in 10111355 $13,152.99 $200
mi**@me***.com 10081100 $9,820.31 $100
NO**@AD***.COM 10080493 $6,799.42 $100
or**@gm***.com 10112964 $6,021.56 $100

Campaign Rules:

1. The sales data is in real time while the bonus will be updated before the first weekend in July.

2. The bonus amount will be calculated based on both sales and growth compared to last month.

3. Please claim your bonus at before July 15th once we publish the winners and bonus amount. Any claims after that will not receive the bonus. When you claim your bonus, please include screen-shots of your account sales in June and the winner list of this page containing yours.

4. Bonus will be canceled once the winner is found cheating.

Other Statements:

1. FirstGrabber respects your privacy and guarantees your personal information security, read more at privacy policy.

2. FirstGrabber is exclusively sponsored by Zaful for the June campaign so all the ads on this page are from Zaful only.

3. FirstGrabber reserves all rights of the campaign.

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