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Bonus for Newcomers Bonus for Referring Bonus for Sharing Bonus for Ranking Merchants for Choices

Extra Bonus for Every Newcomers

Every newly-registered member will have a chance to win extra bonuses in the first month after registration, in a nutshell, you could earn quite a bit of money (commission+extra bonuses)

1. No one leaves empty-handed. Something in it for everyone

2. The Bonus mentioned here is available for the first month only, counting from the registration date

3. The number of $20 gift card is 10 00 only, first come and first serve. To be used only once

4. The 12% OFF coupon is given only if you request it through affiliate@firstgrabber.com

5. We will calculate and arrange the bonus transfer once a week

Refer a Friend to Win $20 each

Firstgrabber welcomes all affiliates from the world over. Refer a friend who is eager to do some shopping, and you will both get a bonus according to the rules below:

1. The account you have referred reaches $500 sales in the first month after registration

2. You will get $20 for every referred account that is eligible as per rule No.1

3. You must email affiliate@firstgrabber.com with their account ID, websites and other detailed account information

4. We will calculate and arrange the bonus transfer every Tuesday

Get Paid for Sharing and Spreading the word

A good deal is worth sharing. What's more, you get paid to do so

Please Note:

1. Suitable channels for sharing include facebook (500+likes), twitter (500+followers), instagram (500+followers), linkedin(500+friends), tumblr(500+readers),etc. You can win up to $20

2. $20 for writing a post on your own and $30 for displaying banners for 30 days+. You can get both if you do both

3. Well-known blogs & forums with monthly visits of 100k+. Don't forget to email us the link to your post (affiliate@firstgrabber.com)

4. You can get all the bonuses as long as you are eligible to all of them and follow the instructions

5. We will confirm and arrange the bonus transfers every Tuesday

Be Our Top Affiliates and Earn Big

Firstgrabber treasures everyone that brings clicks and sales, rewarding them with loads of bonuses

Bonus for Clicks
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rate
  • every 100
  • over 5%
  • every 200
  • 3%~5%
  • every 1000
  • 1%~3%
  • every 1000
  • 0.5%~1%
  • every 10000
  • under 0.5%

1. Conversion rate = amount/clicks

2. Clicks bonus is available only for the first month (from the registration date)

3. We will calculate and arrange the bonus transfer every Tuesday

Bonus for Sales
  • Bonus
  • Gold Winner
  • Silver Winner
  • Bronze Winner
  • Special Reward
  • $500
  • $300
  • $200
  • $100 GC
  • $50

1. Bonus is directly related to sales ranking

2. Special rewards are available for the fast-growing accounts. $100 gift card or $50 cash, you choose!

3. We will calculate and arrange the bonus transfer every Tuesday

4. We will accounce all winners on Firstgrabber's facebook account. Like and focus

Exclusive Merchants and Ideal Partners for You to Choose from

Firstgrabber has built long-term partnership with a number of online fashion retailers, which often provide exclusive offers with incredible discounts to our affiliates, and much, much more...

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