Tutorial 3: Discover the "Creative"

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

In the last blog, we had mentioned about the main menu, which is the left side bar of your account homepage.


Today, we will start discovering the “creative” in this main menu. When you click the “creative”, you will see four sections, which are “Banners”, “Videos”, “Coupons” and “Dynamic Ads”.



You can choose “banners” offered by different merchants, based on categories or languages.


After choosing the banners that you want to post on your website, click “Get Banner Code” or “Get Text Code” as the image shows above, then you can get the HTML address of the banners. Click Copy Code and paste it on your website. You can also save the image to your computer.


The difference between “banner code” and “text code” is that a banner code will show the image as well as the text name, see the picture below. However, text code only shows the text name of the banner.



The next section is the “Videos”, click it and choose the videos offered by different merchants. Find the one to share on your website, click “Get Video Code” or “Get Text Code”, then click “Copy Code” and paste it on your website. 


Follow all the steps that mentioned above, you will then see the video on your website as shown below. For videos we also provide video+text as well as text-only options.



Click “Coupons”, then you can find the coupons offered by different merchants. Choose the coupon that you want to promote and click “Get Code”. But do pay attention to the validation period of the coupons.


Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads is a kind of auto-updated banner, which means once you had put it on your website, it will be updated automatically on FirstGrabber end, you don’t have to change the banner from time to time. Choose the merchant, banner type, language, banner size, then enter the name of this dynamic ads. See the “preview” section of the page to see what this ad looks like on your website. If it is OK, click “Create Code”. Then copy and add it to your website.


If you have further questions about the how to use the dynamic ads, please click “help” . Or, if you have any suggestions for FirstGrabber on dynamics ads, please click “feedback” and send us an email. We are happy to hear from you and will try our best to improve our service.


Wish you had know more about FirstGrabber after reading this blog. Now try to share the abundant resources that provided by FirstGrabber to earn more money!

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019