Tutorial 4: Discover the "Tools"

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019


Getting your FirstGrabber account is the first step to make money. The core step is the getting your affiliate links (promotion links), based on which the sales are tracked and commission is given. Well, how to get your affiliate links? It has never been easier!


Custom Link

If you want to promote ZAFUL, go to “Tools-Custom Link”, choose zaful.com and input the target link and give it a name, then click “Create Link” and a complete affiliate llink is ready. You can use bitly.com to shorten it while the tracking still remains.



If you don’t know how to post your affiliate links on social media, please see the image below.


If you want to promote Rosegal


If you want to promote DressLily


API Key & API Documents

For affiliates with API requirement, we also provide API service. Just follow the steps to apply for your API key:


After your API application is approved, you can see your API Key, API secret there.


Besides, a full and complete API document is provided for your insertion.


Image Gallery

For the image gallery, you can choose the product images by selecting the suitable adjective, such as girly, vintage, sporty, and post these pictures on your social media platform will help you with attracting more people. This part will be upgraded in the near future.


FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019