Tutorial 7: Discover the "Account Center"

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

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Don't know how to reset password? Want to edit your account information? Having problems with payment? Account center is where you should find these answers for.


Login Password VS Transaction Password

First and for most, you really need to know the difference. They are two different passwords. A transaction password is used for protecting your balance security and should be set up before withdrawing. Other actions like changing or editing your payment method will also ask for this transaction password.


Basic Information

Click “Basic Information” to view your account details, click “Edit” if you want to make any change.


Click “Reset Password” to change you login password and it's easy. While for setting or changing your transaction password, you need an email verification as following:




Commission Model

“Commission Model” shows the commission rate for every product category and different account levels (Standard, premium, VIP) . The % may also differ in Merchants, Devices, Countries and so on.


My Social Account

“My Social Account” is somewhere you can connect your FirstGrabber account with your social account. It is available for verifying your YouTube channel currently. This verification will be useful in the upgraded product review program in the near future. If you don’t know how to link it, just read this tutorial: https://www.firstgrabber.com/blog/detail?id=20



“Payments” is exactly where you can withdraw your account balance. Click “Withdraw” to withdraw your account balance, but make sure you have added your payment method first. Currently we support PayPal, Webmoney and Bank Transfer. Click “Learn More” to know more about payment policy.


Payment details are also shown on this page, you can check by date and transaction type (income and expenditure. Exporting data is also available.


Hope this tutorial will truly solve your questions on payment.

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019