9 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing With Facebook

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019


Recently there is an increasing number of people registering on FirstGrabber with their facebook account but have no idea of how to use it together with FirstGrabber to make money, this article is just right here to provide tips for that.

No matter what channels you use for affiliate marketing, your main goal is to drive more people to click on your affiliate link and make purchase, which makes it possible for you to get the commission. It is the same with facebook. Remember all you need to do is to expose your FirstGrabber affiliate links ( how to get your affiliate link ) to more and more people, but in an inoffensive and effective way. Remember the following 9 tips:

1. Post your affiliate links in your personal profile section


You might have a small community of your personal facebook account. Trust me, your friends won't like it when you keep posting ads links everyday. So a smarter way to do so is to post the affiliate link in your personal profile so as to avoid unnecessary bothering.

2. Try to improve the quality of each post


Posts of high quality will leave a good impression to your friends, even if it's an ad. Try to use attractive banners, slogans, especially coupon or deal information in your post. If the affiliate link is too long, just shorten it via bitly or google while the tracking won't be affected.

3. Create a specific page for deal posting

If you don't want to bother your friends too much, a facebook page is a good choice. Create a specific facebook page and invite your friends to like your page. Those who do will surely like what you post and won't be bothered.

4. Create a specific group for deal posting

Another good choice for avoiding bothering is facebook group. Build a group and gather all your friends who are interested in your products and deals. Keep your group fresh by updating new content everyday.

5. Search for other related groups where you can post deals links


Traffic of your own group is limited while there are more outside. Search other related groups by using keywords such as deal posting, discount code, coupon and so on. Before post please read the posting guide for posting in case you might be kicked out due to violating their rules. 

6. Approach bigger influencers with product discussionTry to be fans of bigger influencers, bloggers. Search them and try to be more engaged in their topic thus driving traffic for your own page or group unconsciously. Comments will often help.

7. Create hot topics to make your group or page activeApart from posting coupons and deals, you can also come up with other popular or interesting topics such as a brain twister or instant short video. People are likely to feel tired of seeing the same thing everyday no matter how loyal they are to you. Try to bring something new and interesting to them from time to time.

8. Use facebook ads


Well, facebook ads may cost a beginner some time to truly understand the whole flow. You don't need to be an expert but at least you need to know how to narrow your option to your exactly expected potential audience. You can just google "how to use facebook ads" or watch the facebook ads guidelines. It's not that hard to learn.

9. Be productive and generous on your own content


Whatever you write or post, you will feel happy when your content is shared by other people cause this will absolutely get your page or goup known by more people, who could be your potential fans as well. Produce high-quality content and attract your people to share.

It's not an easy job for a beginner to completely understand all of these tips but be patient and studious, keep making progress day by day and you will get what you deserved.

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019