StayAtHome & MakeMoney Special Campaign

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

There are 2 solutions to save your wallet during quarantine. Firstgrabber holds a 4-weeks Campaign for easy making money at your home! 

1、Happy sharer - Win free gift card

There is a happy sharer sitting on the French sofa, enjoying a movie, grabbing Lay’s by left hand, and move the your fingers on mobile screen. Then an adorable $150 free gift card reaches her account.

Check out the tricks

The campaign includes 4 periods, you are encouraged to participant all of them and make the total $600 gift card ($150*4) yours. The gift card can be used on our stores for purchasing any item as you wish,while it doesn’t support withdrawal.

a.) The only index of weekly competition is “Invited accounts” (Someone register an account successfully through your invitation links/Code.)

b.) .You need to agree to upload a review post after try-on the products. 

2、Order Loader - Refill your wallet with cash (U.S legal tender)

Here I’ll show you the types of hacking how to make it happen. 

If you’re a newbie who haven’t generated any orders so far, seize the chance to get start it! 

Email us to apply for a APP exclusive coupon, and gain your first APP orders, get extra $10 reward. 

( I tried, seriously even if I placed a $5 orders, I get $10) 

No one would want to stop here.

If you generate over $1000 sales within the campaign time (April20-May17), 100$ bonus will be sent to your account!

You’re a skillful publisher? We offer a deadly high commission rate 25% in the rest of Q2 if you can double your sale during campaign time.

That means, for example, you brought 1000$ in the last 4 weeks but gain over 2000$ from April20-May17, 25% commission rate is for you. 

Note: If someone qualified to both term1 &term 2 at the same time, He/She could choose either reward.

Make a brief:

Getting a free gift seems like the most easy task. 4 rounds and tops.

As an affiliate/influence, spare some time and win the 25% commission rate definitely an awesome idea.

Not only the money, we care about your health also. All the gift card could be used to exchange for anti-virus gears directly.

Stay healthy and safety!


1, Campaign period is from Apr 20th to May 17th, include 4 weeks.

2. Winners will be announced after every week, and the end of whole campaign, which is May 18th. 

3. Bonus will be canceled if affiliates are found cheating during the campaign period.

4. FirstGrabber reserves all rights of this campaign.

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019