How To Use Dynamic Ads to Make Money?

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

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Generally, to earn commission, you need to earn valid sales. To earn valid sales, you need to have potential buyers click on your affiliate links. To get clicks, expose your affiliate links where there are potential buyers. For a blog user, FirstGrabber Dynamic Ads could do the work.


What is Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads is a powerful form of affiliate advertising, showing auto-updated Firstgrabber Merchant banners on your site. With Dynamic Ads, your users see promotional events and banners on time, driving higher commissions and conversion rates for you! You only need to add the code to your site for just once!


How to add Dynamic Ads Code to Your Site? Watch the screen cast video please!

After login, click “Creative”-”Dynamic Ads”, choose, choose a proper banner size and give it a name, then click “Create Code”.


This is a complete and correct Dynamic Ads Code ready to add to your site.


Take WordPress blog as an example, login your admin account, go to “Appearance”-”Widgets”, choose a banner position left, right, or at the footer, paste Dynamic Ad Code and click “Save”.


Then you can see the banner ads on your blog site.


Hope this guide will really help you to start earning.

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019