We prepare $50,000 to refund your Order

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

What’s the idea about:

With the steps of our merchants’ annivesaries approach, as a way we show our gratitude to the efforts of all valued publishers in the past months.

We (FirstGrabber Operation Team) will refund a flat amount to our approved publishers’s self usage order.

Time-Limited Campaign: 

15st June to 15th July 2020  ( The campaign will be ended any time as long as the $50,000 fund running out.Technically, you’ll have to wait a loooong time to see it again if miss this opportunity)

Participants qualification:

Only the approved FG publishers can participate in, not including those account presents the status of pending or disapproval.

What do you need to do?

Make a purchase on any of FG merchants (Order for yourself, or for anyone you love)

What’s the benefit & Limitation?

We refund your order according to the standard listed below:

Order Over $300, we refund you $80

Order Over $200, we refund you $60

Order Over $100, we refund you $30

Please note:

1、Below standard referals to individual order in USD dollars;

2、Net products amount after discount and excluding shipping fee)



B. The order amount referrals to the net production amount in USD dollars.

C. You can ship to different locations but the order must be placed by your FG Email.

D. We’ll not pay any commission for the refunding claimed orders. (you’ll see the regular commission been cancelled)

E. All FG brands (ZAFUL, ROSEGAL,dresslily) applied.

How to claim the benifit?

Fill your order information through this questionnaire:


If you meet any questions when fill the form, kindly drop an Email to : affiliate@firstgrabber.com

How and when the refund will be released?

The same processing logic as all the referal orders, we request 45 days to valid the order.

Once you completed the claims , we’ll confirm the refunding amount according to your order value 

Basically, 45 days after you placed the orders, we can confirm the order status and charge the refunding to your Firstgrabber balance.

The $50,000 USD refunding amount will be run out shortly.

What are you waiting for?

Please note: this campaign is sponsored by FirstGrabber. FirstGrabber holds the full right of final explaination.

FirstGrabber Operation Team

Sean Cheung

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019