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FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

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Recently, FirstGrabber updated a new function called “My Social Account”. But you may wonder what it is and how it works?


There are huge numbers of FirstGrabber members that have several social accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and so on. When we hold products review campaigns, we need to guarantee that our products are sent to trusted ones. So a social account verification process is needed here.

Firstly, log in with your FirstGrabber account. Then click the “Account Center” in the main menu,  you will see the new section “My Social Account”. Click it.


After that, you will see that your YouTube account remains “unverified”. Then, click “Go to verify”, and start linking your YouTube account. Please note that one FirstGrabber account can only link one YouTube account.

Then, you can choose the Google account that you want to link with.


Then, choose the YouTube account that you want to link with.


Click “Allow”, which indicates you will authorize FirstGrabber to view your YouTube account.


After going through all the process above, you will then see the page as below, which means you have verified your social account successfully. And the whole verification process is completed. You can change your account any time by clicking “Reset My Account”.


Verifying your Instagram account is as easy as Youtube. Here is a video for you to better understand Instagram verification process:

A FirstGrabber account with one of or both social media accounts will enjoy higher priority to be selected as our Exclusive Coupon Program members.

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How to Verify Your Instagram Account?

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FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019