Become A Verified Influencer-Instagram

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

Hey guys!

After Youtube verification, we have launched our Instagram verification as well. Quickly learn how to do it here!

Step 1. Login FirstGrabber and go to "Account Center", you will see your social account waiting to be verified

Step 2. Click "go to verify" and you will be led to Instagram Authorized page. Click "Authorize".

Step 3. You will be redirected to FirstGrabber, with your Instagram account verified there.

If you want to remove the verification, just login your Instagram and remove in the "Authorize Application" section. Changing another Instagram account also asks for a removal first.

A FirstGrabber account with one of or both social media accounts will enjoy higher priority to be selected as our Exclusive Coupon Program members.

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How to Verify Your Youtube Account?

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FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019