Join FirstGrabber Exclusive Coupon Program, Earn Commission On Each Sale!

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019

Are you a social media influencer?

Want exclusive coupons to promote?

No idea of what to use for tracking sales?

You may be confused after joining FirstGrabber affiliate network cause everything is difficult to understand. But today, it will become rather simple and clear with the presence of FirstGrabber Exclusive Coupon Program.

Program Introduction

What is FirstGrabber Exclusive Coupon Program?

FirstGrabber Exclusive Coupon Program(FG ECP), is a unique affiliate program offered by FirstGrabber merchants ZAFUL, ROSEGAL and dresslily. Different from tracking links, the only way of tracking is Exclusive Coupons given to each insider. This special program is particularly designed for social media influencers such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and more who always want to use coupons to promote a brand.

How Does this Program Work?

By joining FG ECP and getting approved, your exclusives coupons of ZAFUL, ROSEGAL and dresslily will be immediately generated and you are completely free to promote them on your Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp and so on. When anyone uses your exclusive coupon and makes a purchase on any one of these three sites, you will earn a commission. After 45 days, the commission will truly become your account balance for free withdrawal.

Who are Eligible Participants?

1. Only FirstGrabber members can participate. Log in here>

2. With Instagram or Youtube account verified. See how to verify>

3. Huge enthusiasm for fashion and influentially active on social media.

4. With loyal social media followers of around 500 (it depends).

Coupon Report

Congratulations! You are a FirstGrabber Exclusive Coupon Program insider!

Where to Get Your Exclusive Coupon?

How to Check your Coupon Report?

About Earnings

Well, you do have brought a bunch of orders due to your leading opinion among your people. All you need to do is waiting for another 45 days for each order, starting from the paid date. By then, the commission will truly become your balance and you can withdraw it freely.

How Much Can You Earn?

For each valid order brought by your exclusive coupon, we offer 10%~22% commission rate for first purchase and 6%~14% for repeated purchase.

How to Withdraw Your Balance?

How to Promote Your Exclusive Coupon on Social Media?

How to Verify Your Youtube Account?

How to Verify Your Instagram Account?



Other Notes:

1. All the coupons are offered by FirstGrabber exclusive merchants: ZAFUL, ROSEGAL and dresslily.

2. Each coupon you get is unique so please do remind your followers to use your own coupon so that each of your sale is accurately tracked.

3. Coupons are diffusible so it is possible that your follower may use another influencer's coupon.

4. If an order comes in through multiple channels, the priority will be: exclusive coupon>lkid(other FirstGrabber affiliates)>utm_source(google ads. etc)

5. FirstGrabber reserves all rights of this program. Please contact for any questions.

FirstGrabber Admin

Jan 7, 2019